The Best Universities around the World to Study English

English language is one of the most important tools of communication that anyone can have and for that reason, it is very crucial that you again such a skill, not matter what field you decide to go in. Studying the English language is no easy task especially at degree level but learning the intricacies of such a subject can be very useful. Choosing the right study path is crucial especially picking a university that suits your learning abilities. Getting to explore this whole world of endless learning opportunities is certainly a great way to explore the dynamics of English language and if you are someone interested in getting the best learning experience, we are here to help. In this article we have brought together a short list of universities that we believe are the best places to study English. Keep reading to find out more about these places.

Oxford University – England

As far as the English language as a standard of practice is concerned, Oxford University is the oldest institute in the world. The university has been operating for more than 900 years and the teaching staff here comprises of people who are all the best in their respective disciplines and are handpicked from all over the world. There are over 130 different nationalities here and a student population of more than 18,000. As far as the English department is concerned, the faculty has always served its students with the best learning opportunities. With widely known celebrities of English language teaching here, you will find a great load of learning imparted to you over the course of your degree. The resources available at Oxford to help you with studying are simply enormous as the university has over a hundred different libraries. The services and sightseeing at this place is also quite amazing and will keep you indulged throughout your time here. You can find out more about their English department here.

University of Cambridge – England

The University of Cambridge is widely known for its academic prowess and the level of excellence that it provides to all its students, no matter what the department of study. The university is home to thousands of students who come from all over the world to learn in an environment that is truly optimized for maximum learning. The English language department is also greatly revered for its history of producing some of the most amazing people in the field of writing and speaking. The staff is the best of the best and each member of faculty is known for their accomplishments. The resources that the university provides to its students for effective learning are also quite amazing and the number of libraries and other learning centres in the university premises is astonishing. Getting a chance to study English in this university is certainly one that you don’t want to miss at any cost.

Harvard University – USA

This is a university that has had its name written in countless fields for achieving excellence and producing people who truly changed the world. Being a university that is older than the country it is in, it has a very long history of excellence and currently it is counted as a symbol of excellence in all academic fields. The English department of the university is no less when it comes to achievement and the university has provided the world of English with some really amazing names. This drive for perfection is still found there and studying English at Harvard is certainly the opportunity of a lifetime. If you find yourself getting a chance to study there then you should consider yourself lucky because not many people are that fortunate. The university has over 20,000 students enrolled at any given time and there are over 360,000 alumni of Harvard present all over the world.

Other institutes

While these institutes truly have the best studying environment and opportunities of all the universities in the world, there are other places too that are capable of same level of excellence. This includes the famous Yale University, Stanford University and also University of Chicago. All three of them are in the US and have great English departments with an equally reputable staff. Furthermore, University of California, Berkeley, Columbia University and Princeton University are also equally reputable institutes.

Final Words

The institutes mentioned here are simply the best at what they do in most of their departments and English language is no different there. If you ever get a chance to study in any of these institutes, you can easily say that you have the chance of a lifetime to secure a bright future in English.