How to Learn American English

English language is an amazing tool for interacting with the people around you if you don’t speak their language. The reason for that is the fact that English is the most commonly spoken language in the world and due to that reason everyone tries to learn it for the sake of communication. Therefore, it is important that everyone gives it a go at some point in their life because there is a big chance that you will end up needing it. In fact, it is also very much possible that knowing English could help you out in places where you would otherwise feel completely lost or helpless. We strongly believe in the fact that everyone should get a proper and solid opportunity to learn English and therefore we have created this small guide to help you out as much as possible. Read on to find out more.

Tips of learning English

In this section we will discuss some of the things that you can do to make sure that your English learning goes on properly and you gain the skill as soon as possible.

  • Reading: If there is anything that can have the most impact on your English learning then it is this. Reading as much as possible is what you will definitely have to do in order to gain proper knowledge of English. Start with something basic and when you are fully capable of interpreting the different types of sentences in English you can move on to complicated things too. One very important thing is to keep your reading choices diverse and touch every possible subject. This will not only help you broaden your thinking capabilities but also improve your vocabulary a lot.
  • Writing: There is something about writing stuff that makes it possible for people to retain the knowledge much more than they would otherwise. Same is the case for English and it is highly advised that you write as much and as often as you can to practice your expressions. Getting your work checked is also important so make sure you show your progress to someone who is properly learned in English.
  • Identify the differences: Since you are focusing on American English, you should make sure that the material you use is also written in American English by American authors. However, you should also check other material and see how the expressions are different. This will not only help you develop your own expressions, it will also allow you to identify what to say and what not to say in any given situation.

Learning Process

Nowadays, it is very much possible to improve your English while sitting at home without having to take any help from anyone. All you need to do is find a good set of books for English and start learning. The most important part of learning English, like any other language, is to understand the grammar. Since it is the basic building material of every language, you cannot go anywhere without learning this first. The second most important thing is the use of tenses and the best way to do that is to find material that provides examples with the explanation of each tense and sub-tense. While doing this, it is highly recommended to do your own writing practice as much as possible and make sure that you get your written work checked by someone who is well educated in English language. As you become strong at your basics, you can start to work on your sentence structure as well and one thing that would really help you is to see the way the American writers form their sentences. There are a lot of norms too which are not usually taught in the books and doing extra research can be very helpful for you.

Online Resources

Internet has served us in a great way when it comes to online learning. With so many websites operating online that provide you a plethora of choices to learn, you can easily choose the course that is both affordable for you and is the most beneficial. However there are two different types of courses, one being free and the other being paid. Naturally the courses that ask you for a fee are going to be much better than the ones that are free but you still need to be careful. Even with the fee charge, there are several courses that are either very bad or are a complete scam. Stanford University offers online courses in English and you can find more details about their courses here.