Top Ten English Novels/Books

The debate for determining who brought forward the best English literature over the years between the British and American writers has always been ongoing. But the truth that can’t be denied is that each and every writer from the all time greats has their own special place in the ultimate hall of fame. We have decided to compile a list of books, starting off with the English writing club and discuss the books that we think should be ranked as the top ten in terms of greatness.

Emma – Jane Austen

With her book Emma, Jane Austen presented a picture that went beyond the normal assumptions that the world had about story book heroines and brought a sense of reality that tingles the reader every step of the way. The charming flaws, intelligence and surprising character of Emma Woodhouse truly touch the reader.

Great Expectations – Charles Dickens

The story of Pip defines a very special notion of finding one’s way from nothingness to nobility and all the flaws of life that the boy comes into interaction with on his way. The city of London during that time and the air of Thames flows in the whole story in a way that it leaves a permanent picture. There is no doubt that any list of great books would be incomplete without this title.

What Maisie Knew – Henry James

Divorce is a concept that was only introduced in England in legal terms in the year 1857. And four decades later when Henry James wrote this book it was still not a common thing. Therefore this story of a young girl who is suffering from the issues arising between her parents who have become a complete horror to her young mind is put forth in a very accurate and perfect manner.

Middlemarch – George Eliot

Virginia Woolf describes Middlemarch as a novel “for grown-up people” and it is a very intriguing story that brings to life the year 1832 that is known for the political reforms. Eliot brought her surprising sense of acuity in this story as she brought together a story about the unforgiving circumstances that are created with disintegrating love. It is truly a masterpiece.

Ulysses – James Joyce

There are very few books in the English literature collection that can bring so much meaning to what one is reading and this is one of those books. With the precision that Joyce conjured every character and their unique style, it is a really amazing work of art. The book is precise, filled with a sense of brilliance and is right till the end filled with moments of hearty laughter.

Mrs Dalloway – Virginia Woolf

The amazing description of character and the precision of thoughts that Virginia Woolf has brought to life with Clarissa Dalloway and Septimus Smith in this book is truly astonishing. By expressing their thoughts, Woolf has brought forward a picture that paints the truest picture of society and touches the delicacies that come together to bring the concept of sanity.

The Girls of Slender Means – Muriel Spark

In this amazing novel, Spark has conjured the 1945 London and focused on the light-heartedness that we all feel in our youth and at the same time connected it intimately to the heavy burdens that are soon to come in the coming years of life. The end result is a story that has a very unusual after-taste of bitter sweetness that really clings on to you.

The Sea, The Sea – Iris Murdoch

This is a story of a theatre doctor who gets himself a house situated on a coast and happens to meet his former love and catastrophically starts wooing her again. The self-absorption and raw emotions that Murdoch has touched in this story really tingles your senses as you find entertainment with the humour that Murdoch has somehow found in it.

Robinson Crusoe – Daniel Dafoe

The story of Robinson Crusoe is a very special tale of adventure that touches the hearts of kids and adults alike. The writer’s ability to bring forth the simplest of things and make them feel special and adventurous in a unique sense really makes the reader feel properly entertained.

At Swim-Two-Birds – Flann O’Brien

This multi-level story telling masterpiece has a very special reason for being a part of this list and it is the way O’Brien has brought to light the feeling of writing in a satirical manner. With each character of the book writing about another character of the book, it is a great read which ultimately leaves you highly entertained and impressed.

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